Collective Worship

Hello and Welcome to the Collective Worship Council page!

As a Collective Worship Councillor, the children may be required to assist Mr Smith in planning assemblies, taking part in church services, teaching other children in their class about Christian topics, creating drama sketches on Bible stories, demonstrating values in assemblies and writing prayers. They will also be required to attend meetings with other Collective Worship Councillors to discuss assemblies and how they can make them even more exciting. It is our job to create a wonderful Christian Ethos in our church school.

All of our councillors have very important jobs that are specifically linked to our Collective Worship which takes place on a Monday and Tuesday during assembly.

Some of their jobs include;

  • keeping the reflection area tidy
  • writing prayers for assemblies
  • demonstrating how to use our school values
  • meeting every Wednesday lunchtime to plan assemblies, discuss how their jobs are going, write prayers and lots more…
  • feeding back the minutes of our meetings to Mr Smith
  • monitoring the playground looking for children who don’t have anyone to play with, so they can invite them to play with them
  • looking for children who are using their Magdalen School Values
  • helping Mr Smith in assemblies and at Church services by acting out plays, telling stories and reading prayers

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Alongside our School Council the Collective Worship Council represent our school and are important leaders in our setting.

From myself (Mrs Smith), Mr Smith and all of the Collective Worship Councillors thank you for taking the time to read our page and