Intent, Implementation & Impact

Within our School we deliver a curriculum which ensures:

  • Children enjoy learning and are excited and inspired to learn new things, demonstrating excellent attitudes to learning.
  • Children can confidently recall key knowledge from current and previous areas of learning.
  • Knowledge is retained in children’s long-term memories
  • Children can confidently apply knowledge to their learning, confidently using and applying high-level vocabulary.
  • Children are independent learners who are articulate and confident to talk about a wide range of topics.
  • Children demonstrate many high-level skills, such as analysis, reflection and empathy through written and spoken tasks.
  • Children are well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of Christian values and British values, they show respect for all and value difference and diversity.
  • Children show self-awareness when forming their own ideas and beliefs. They are open-minded to learn and gain new ideas.
  • Children demonstrate appreciation and wonder of the world they live in.
  • That all members of the school community contribute towards a culture of care, which demands that everybody accepts responsibility for their own, and others’ wellbeing.