School Ethos

The Magdalen Church of England / Methodist Primary School

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Vision Statement

We have a vision to be an aspirational school delivering excellence in learning by being creative, inclusive, grounded in Christian faith and preparing children for life.

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

St John 10:10

Vision and Values

We aim to be a school where:

  • Every individual in our school community knows they are treasured and loved as a unique child of God
  • We live out our Christian faith and values in every activity and relationship
  • Children have a zest for learning and a love of life
  • Our curriculum is creative, rich and coherent and makes learning stimulating, meaningful and relevant
  • Our staff are skilled, creative, reflective and collaborative practitioners
  • Our pupils embrace the future with hope and confidence
  • Parents are actively engaged as partners in their children’s learning and in the life of the school
  • Individuality and diversity are respected and celebrated
  • We can experiment, make mistakes and have the confidence to try again


What sort of qualities do we want to help our children develop? What sort of young people do we want them to become?

  • Motivated, independent, enthusiastic learners with high expectations of themselves
  • Contributing, self-disciplined, thoughtful and caring members of their communities with high self esteem
  • Confident and growing in their Christian faith, developing disciplines of worship, prayer and service
  • Know that they are valued, respected and trusted so they can take pride in themselves and their work
  • Be listened to, so they in turn can listen to others
  • Respect and value difference and diversity in others
  • Having integrity in all they do and say
  • Questioning, curious children who push the boundaries of what they are learning and are able to take risks
  • Discerning, resilient young people able to adapt and relate to the changing world around them
  • Ability to communicate and have outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Ambassadors for school today: leaders for tomorrow


We aim to make sure our curriculum is:

  • Is seamless from one phase to the next
  • Is designed to give cohesion, meaning and motivation to children’s learning, developing the commitment, curiosity and creativity of each child
  • Is creative, rich and demanding, developing the imagination and creative use of media and materials
  • Has a global dimension and recognises the cultural diversity of the community we serve
  • Links the learning experience together into a meaningful whole by a thematic approach which stitches together the subjects of the National Curriculum into a ‘seamless coat of learning’
  • Links children’s learning to people, places and issues at a local, national and international level
  • Is enriched by visits, visitors, outdoor learning and extra curricular activities
  • Meets the needs of all children and supports different learning styles
  • Enables children to develop core skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT and apply them across the curriculum
  • Puts learning in a meaningful context by giving pupils first hand experiences


We aim for our staff to:

  • Be skilled, creative, confident professionals, enjoying the challenge of learning and providing good role models for pupils, reflecting the community we serve
  • Be reflective practitioners, committed to lifelong learning
  • Be empowered, engaging in active debate about teaching and learning
  • Be free to experiment, make mistakes and have the confidence to try again
  • Be accountable, embrace responsibility and seek opportunities for career development
  • Feel safe, supported and encouraged and be respected in their need for time to respond to new initiatives
  • Work collaboratively together

For Parents

We want to:

  • be known as an open school which listens hard and responds honestly to all parents
  • help parents support their children’s learning
  • help parents feel valued and know they have a place in the school community
  • be encouraged into school and to use their gifts/skills for the benefit of the wider school community
  • develop effective communications with all parents – from face to face to new technologies

Ethos and Culture

When you walk into our school, we want you to feel that:

  • It has a strong and distinctive Christian identity
  • Everybody in the school community knows that they are treasured and loved as a unique child of God
  • Pupils’ education comes first
  • There is a buzz of children and adults learning together
  • We are ordered and purposeful in what we do but we like to laugh and have fun
  • We see change as an opportunity to embrace with relish