30 Things

As a school we have worked really hard to create a list of ‘30 things to do before you leave The Magdalen Primary School’.

Included in this list are five things that all schools within our LAAT family will also have on their lists, as we feel it is important as part of our LAAT family, that we work towards the same goals.

The five shared things to do, which all LAAT schools are wanting to experience are:

  1. Take part in a community project.
  2. Serving a meal.
  3. Visit a non-Christian place of worship AND engage with believers of that faith,
  4. Engage in fund raising for a local or national charity
  5. Learn about a group of Christians engaged in social action today, in particular why people give up time, energy and resources to work to support others.

We feel that our list of ‘30 things’ will help to promote:

  • positive play,
  • outdoor experiences,
  • life skills
  • and enjoyment.

There are so many experiences that contribute to a child’s education many of which are free and on your doorstep.

In 2012 a report by the National Trust entitled ‘Natural childhood’ highlighted how today’s children are losing touch with the natural world and the long-term effect this can have on a child’s education and health. It found that fewer than 1 in 10 children play regularly in wild places and that time spent playing in parks, woods, and fields has reduced dramatically due to digital technology, lack of time and green spaces and also parental fears.

In February 2016, a two-year study funded by the government found 1 in 9 children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least 12 months.

The list of ’30 things to do by the time you leave The Magdalen Primary School’ will be sent home at the start of each school year as a reminder to you and your child what you could be doing while your child is not at school. We would encourage you to tick off the activities as you have done them.

LAAT 30 Things.png