The Rainbows (Y2)

Welcome to the Rainbows!

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Rainbows class! The class teacher will be Miss Jones, who will be supported by Ms Baxter and Miss James. 

Throughout the year, we will continue using Number Sense and Maths No Problem to build on the mathematics taught in year 1.

For English we will be using Talk 4 Writing from September – this will teach the children a text type looking at the tools the author uses to create a particular genre such as suspense, then the children will have the opportunity to innovate the text writing their own version.  The children will use and create story maps to tell a story before they write it themselves.

Our humanities lessons will alternate each term between history and geography; we will compare Wainfleet to another country, the United Kingdom and comparing hot and cold places.  Our history topics will look at the Great Fire of London, how things change over time, and our local heroes.   Science this year will introduce the children to the local environment, healthy me, properties of different materials, gardening and cooking.

Throughout the year we will send letters at the start of each term containing more detail of what the children will be learning. 

A main focus for Year 2 we will be building the children’s self-confidence and independence ready for the move into Key Stage 2. 

Our primary ,method of sharing information about what happens in Class will be using Class Dojo - If you are not yet connected, please use the link to join the Rainbows Class so you can receive and send messages.

I very much look forward to working with your children this year.

Miss Jones

[email protected]