If you would like your child to attend our school, you can find out about our admission arrangements through the Lincolnshire County Council website. Please use the link below to visit their website.

These admission policies provide information on our arrangements for admission to both Reception and KS1/KS2. Information about how we consider applications for every age group, our over subscription criteria and the application process are contained in these documents.

Admissions Appeals Timetable 2024-2025

For information regarding appealing a decision, please view the Linconshire County Council website here:

  Primary schools
National offer day 17th April 2024
Appeals deadline Noon on 15th May 2024

The Magdalen Church of England/Methodist Primary School Wainfleet Admission Arrangements for 2024 intake

The Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (hereafter, LAAT or Trust) is the admission authority for this school. They are responsible for setting the admission number and determining the oversubscription criteria that apply when applications exceed places. Our policy was last determined in February 2023. 

The published admission number for the school is 30.

Arrangements for applications for places in Reception at The Magdalen Church of England/Methodist Primary School Wainfleet will be made in accordance with Lincolnshire County Council’s co-ordinated admission arrangements; parents resident in Lincolnshire can apply online, they can also apply by telephone, or ask for a hard copy application form, by telephoning 01522 782030. 

Parents resident in other areas must apply through their home local authority. The Magdalen Church of England/Methodist Primary School Wainfleet will use the Lincolnshire County Council’s timetable published online for these applications and the relevant Local Authority will make the offers of places on their behalf as required by the School Admissions Code. 

In accordance with legislation the allocation of places for children with the following will take place first; Education, Health and Care Plan (Children and Families Act 2014). Remaining places will be allocated in accordance with this policy. 

We will allocate places to parents who make an application before we consider any parent who has not made one. 

Attending a nursery or a pre-school does not give any priority within the oversubscription criteria for a place in a school. Parents must make a separate application for the transfer from nursery to a primary or infant school. Parents must also make a separate application for the transfer from infant to junior or primary school. 

The oversubscription criteria are listed in the order we apply them. 

Definitions of terms indicated by numbers are given separately below. 

  1. Looked after children and all previously looked after children (1). 

  2. A brother or sister attending the school at the time of application, or who will be attending the school at the expected time of admission. (2). 

  3. Nearest School: measured by straight line distance (3). 

  4. Increasing order of straight-line distance (4). 

If the distance criterion is not sufficient to distinguish between two or more applicants for the last remaining place then a lottery will be drawn by an independent person, not employed by the school or working in the Local Authority Children’s Service Directorate. 

The intended overall effect of the proposed oversubscription criteria is to maximise the likelihood that local children will gain places at their local school in an oversubscribed year; it is not possible to guarantee this however.

(1)? A ‘looked after child’ is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989) at the time of making an application to a school.

Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangement order or special guardianship order). This includes children who were adopted under the Adoption Act 1976 (see section 12 adoption orders) and children who were adopted under the Adoption and Children’s Act 2002 (see section 46 adoption orders). Child arrangements orders are defined in s.8 of the Children Act 1989, as amended by s.12 of the Children and Families Act 2014. Child arrangements orders replace residence orders and any residence order in force prior to 22 April 2014 is deemed to be a child arrangements order. Section 14A of the Children Act 1989 defines a ‘special guardianship order’ as an order appointing one or more individuals to be a child’s special guardian (or special guardians). 

(2) Brother or sister attending the school at the time of application, or who will be attending the school at the expected time of admission. In all cases both children must live at the same address. We include in this criterion: 

  • a brother or sister who shares the same biological parents 

  • a half-brother, half-sister, step-brother or step-sister 

  • a legally adopted child, a child legally adopted by a biological or step-parent?