The Messengers (Y5)

Welcome to the Messengers!

In the Messengers class, children make the transition from lower key-stage two to upper key-stage two. We focus on developing positive learning behaviours that enable children to maximise their learning opportunities throughout their life. The children will learn how to become more independent and self-sufficient as they begin to mature towards teenage life.

Children in the Messengers class are taught by Miss Adams, and are very fortunate to have the help and support of Mrs Beard and Mrs Shephard. Together, the ladies uphold high expectations of learning attitudes and behaviour in order to support, enhance and stretch children’s learning.

This year in the Messengers class, the children will cover a variety of topics. We will be starting with place value in maths, and then progress to written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, before moving on to fractions and decimals.

In English, we will develop our writing to become more cohesive and include more intricate grammatical features, such as relative clauses, modal verbs and parenthesis.

Our work in humanities covers a broad range of topics. In R.E. we look at different religions, beliefs and practices in R.E. Geography focuses on the way that we map the world and the countries and biomes within it, before looking at an in depth study of Greece. In history lessons, we discover more about the Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Journeys. Our science topics this year include forces, Earth and space, life cycles, properties and changing materials and the human changes from birth to old age.

To offer a broad and balanced curriculum, we also teach children computing, which sees us navigate a technological world. We begin with e-safety before moving on to the mechanics of computing. The children will also look at what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. In French, we develop our vocabulary and begin to look at sentence structure.

This year in art, we will be focusing on two key styles – pointillism, and the work of George Seurat, and the collages by Beatriz Milhazes. Design and technology studies the processes of creating a product from start to finish. It begins with the children researching products to study their functionality, then allows them to design, create and evaluate it. Music lessons will involve listening and analysing and evaluating a range of music, before children begin to compose their own works. P.S.H.E. education focuses on preparing and supporting children for changes they may face when living in the wider world.

For a successful home-school partnership, communication is key. Home-school communication is now predominantly through the Class Dojo app and connecting to this is vital. If you need help setting this up, please talk to Miss Adams at home time.

Many thanks

Miss Adams (Class Teacher)