Ofsted Report

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Summary of key findings for parents and pupils


The Wainfleet Magdalen Church of England/ Methodist School continues to be a good school. 


  • Leaders have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.
  • Pupils feel safe and happy at this school.
  • Leaders have created a culture in which pupils respect one another and those who may be different from themselves.
  • The school values are central to pupils’ experience of daily school life.
  • Pupils trust that staff will deal with any instances of poor behaviour or rare instances of bullying.
  • Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum.
  • The changes to the curriculum since COVID are having a positive impact on the work that pupils produce and the knowledge they can recall and apply.
  • Teachers teach important knowledge clearly and in a manner which is accessible for all pupils.
  • Staff help children and pupils to develop quickly their ability to read words accurately.
  • The work in pupils’ books shows that they develop the sophistication of their vocabulary over time.
  • Teachers know pupils well. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have their needs promptly identified. They follow the same curriculum as their peers.
  • Pupils are attentive and engaged in their lessons. They take pride in completing their work.
  • Pupils study a well-sequenced personal, social, health and economic education curriculum. They learn about celebrating difference and about how to keep themselves healthy.
  • Leaders have a clear vision for the school. This vision focuses on providing pupils with the best opportunities they can have in life


Our area for improvement: 
  • Leaders should ensure that teachers understand how best to recognise and resolve pupils’ misconceptions as they arise.

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