Intent, Implementation & Impact

‘Inspired by William Waynflete and John Wesley, we have a vision to be an aspirational school delivering excellence in learning by being creative, inclusive and resilient so that we can all serve in God’s world to the best of our ability.’ 

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16.13)

At The Magdalen Church of England / Methodist School we are proud of our deep-rooted Christian character, embodied in our school vision.  It is our intent for every child to thrive within a loving, equitable and safe environment, where barriers are addressed and overcome together. We share a commitment to enable all children to be aspirational, creative and resilient. We believe that our carefully planned and sequenced curriculum demonstrates the importance of showing respect for all and valuing difference and diversity within a safe and inclusive school community. 

From the moment a child enters our school, we believe in them and surround them with opportunities and experiences all designed to enhance their individual learning journey. By following the example of William Waynflete who, from humble beginnings, rose to power as Lord Chancellor, our intent is for all children to aim high and achieve their full potential. Our school community is largely drawn from an area of high deprivation. We are, therefore, determined to inspire our children to aspire. We provide experiences designed to show children the possibilities of the world beyond Wainfleet.   

Our curriculum promotes a mastery approach. The curriculum is taught in distinct subjects however, where there are meaningful curriculum links, these are used. We are committed to giving children the substantive and disciplinary knowledge needed to achieve true learning. Following Rosenshine’s Principles, our curriculum is carefully sequenced in small, progressive steps, providing children with the opportunity to learn through teacher modelling, peer practice and independent application. To aid long-term memory, children are presented with regular opportunities to recall and revise prior learning and are actively encouraged to articulate their learning using a wide range of higher-level vocabulary. 

Our school is an inclusive community. We believe that all children can make progress. Just as John Wesley fought for social justice and for the Word of God to be accessible for all, we ensure that the needs of all members of our school community are met and proactively provide appropriate levels of support and challenge to enable this. We work with outside agencies and parents to ensure that physical / emotional differences do not present barriers to learning. It is vital that our children understand that through resilience and perseverance they can achieve our biggest dreams. Our pedagogy supports and celebrates making mistakes as these are seen as opportunities to learn more. High quality pastoral support is available to all children, enabling them to talk about and overcome problems. Our structured PSHE programme supports our wider work throughout the whole curriculum.  

Our curriculum has been designed creatively to promote stimulating and engaging lessons that nurture the whole child. We aim to provide children with practical experiences designed to bring learning to life and promote long-term learning. We believe in a problem-solving approach to learning. A wide range of enrichment opportunities support our children to flourish both educationally and spiritually, gaining greater experience and understanding of the world in which they live.  

We believe that our stated intent will ensure that we nurture our pupils to develop resilience and the tenacity to be successful in their goals and to grow into happy, healthy, ambitious individuals to be independent and responsible citizens.